TrafficWave 1K Team Overview

TrafficWave 1K Team is a new TW team founded on 2017 and is actually producing great results.

1K Team has an effective combination of both individual and collective advertising.

The main focus and goal here is not just promoting other member’s links but giving marketing training, so that new Team members could start their own email marketing business. This is done using actively TrafficWave’s autoresponder service while profiting from it’s Pay Plan that has a whopping $88,000/month income potential.

The complete TrafficWave Pay plan overwiew is here.

Talking about results, Team’s founder Ben Olszewski is consistently on TW leaderboard as one of the top earners, our “sub-Team” leader Malgorzata (Margaret) has skyrocketed to leaderboard, many of our members are experiencing success and finally earning money online. (Below screenshots from TW blog)

I personally have the experience, that 1K Team system works, I signed up 6 Paid TrafficWave member in just 16 days since I started actively promoting it.

YOU get the EXACT same system our Team Leaders are using – all conditions for your success are already prepared.

What do we have and what do you get when you join TrafficWave 1K Team?

Some of the most important characteristics of our team are:

  • You advertise your OWN link, not a Team link – you build your own email marketing business and build your own list
  • There is NO hit quota – nobody is monitoring how much visitors you are sending to your squeeze page. It’s your very own business and solely you are responsible for it
  • Active uplines advertise their downline’s links in rotator. Right now, there are 2 rotators your link is added to, if you join me. One of them is Team founder Ben’s rotator and another belongs to one of my upline’s Margaret Bukojemska. (Over time you can expect more rotators or other types of promotional help are added)

Still, I do not rely my hope solely on rotator or collective advertising, but take it as an extra bonus. If you prefer to be ACTIVE too, then our Team has following marketing tools and training:


Squeeze page examples you can use (like this one I have), Team leaders can help you with setting up squeeze page


A total of 20 autoresponder follow-up messages – it has extremely high value and is very useful for converting your subscribers to paid TW members


Ready-made professional banner ads:

trafficwave 1k team


A complimentary marketing system ListAdProfits (LAP), created by 1K Team founder Ben.

In addition to Trafficwave, LAP enables you to build the downline of #2 program of 1K Team, The Online Ad Network (TOAN). It has the same admin Bryan Rooney and has $88,000 a month income potential just like TrafficWave. TOAN is totally optional, I haven’t joined it too (yet).

Still it’s highly recommended to join LAP, because if you use a Promo code welcome you get 10 banner ads and 10 text ads, each with 1000 impressions, total of 20,000 impressions.


Ongoing support on all possible marketing and technical questions:

  • Team Facebook group created by Ben Olszewsky
  • Really great comprehensive step-by-step training by Margaret Bukojemska, the leader of our “sub-Team”. This training guides you thru setting up your squeeze page and autoresponder.
  • My personal advice on setting up your marketing system for 1k Team and generating traffic.

If you are interested in making money with TrafficWave and 1K Team, then the very first thing you can do, is to create your FREE TrafficWave account.

Become familiar with TW autoresponder service and review it’s affiliate plan that has huge $88,000/month income potential:

Click here to join TrafficWave for 30-day trial!

Feel free to email me: with any of your questions.

If you join as a PAID member, you get the very profound training materials prepared by Margaret to help you to get your 1K Team marketing system set up fast.