Traffic Generation Strategy

On this page I will describe my traffic generation strategy you can follow to sponsor 3  Paid TrafficWave members in let’s say, 15-20 days. For me it took just 16 days to sponsor 6 Paid TW members.  Considering that I used just $32 advertising budget it shouldn’t be hard to achieve goal for you at all.

When I started out  promoting my 1K Team squeeze page I spent quite a lot of time joining and testing a lot of traffic sources. It was well worth the time, because  I got to know what is working and it saves me quite a lot of time now and in the future.

First my stats from Feb. 14th – March 9th (23 days):

Subscribers: 97 Paid TW members: 7 Free Trial members: 13

Total visitors: 20,660 Unique visitors: 11,930

The strategy overall has 3 simple points:
  1. Use very actively few best converting traffic services (free and paid)
  2. Get some FREE “Set it and forget it” traffic from banners and text ads on many sites
  3. Keep an eye on some additional very promising traffic sources that I still need to make work for me (need upgrade etc..)
1)My Top 5 Best converting Traffic sources:

Stats in this table are for last 14 days (I try to update this table every 2-3 days to give you fresh data). If we count the numbers, these 5 sites have given me 37 subscribers. Because in last 14 days I generated 53 subscribers, this is a whopping 2/3 of total subscribers.

Traffic sourceTotal visitorsUniquesSubscribersMy membership

Below a short description, how to use the sites above to get traffic:

In Tezzermail I mail 2x a day, it requires to click about 200 mails a day (~60 minutes) because I need to purchase the reset of mailing time for 1000 additional credits.

Freeadvertisingforyou Guidelines: Use Promo codes on this splash page, earn Free Pro (takes 4-5 days), go to “5 Solos for Free” section and get extra free advretising and weekly Promo Codes. With all points you get, purchase banners. New site by Ron Holcomb. Get 5 banners, 5 text ads, 3 Solo ads and 2 login ads with promo code welcome and 1 Solo ad with promo codes success and  Top_dog

Tip: Read all solo emails and purchase banners or text ads with credits (3 solos = 1 banner)

In LeadsLeap I haven’t used still all of it’s traffic potential because I have been a free member so far, but planning to upgrade soon.

I have been earning ~30-60 credits a day in LeadsLeap browsing ads. I earn ~2 credits a day from widget on my blog. My blog’s traffic is just 10 visitors a day, it’s too new blog. Still even 1 visitor’s click on the ad on my LL widget gives me ~1-1.5 credits – so the potential of widget to earn me credits is great, I just need to add more traffic to my blog to earn more credits from widget.

In State-of-the-art-mailer  I have upgraded to 3000 button level and mail to 7500 every 3 days. It requires to click ~180 emails to unlock 7500 button level. Good addition is time bonus Banner ad, clicking mails for 1 particular mailing I earn almost 20 hours of banner exposure on SOTAM. Here I have sent just 5 mailings so far.

2.) FREE “Set it and forget it” traffic from banner and text ads

Here everything is simple: Try to get your 1K Team banners and text ads on as many sites as you can.

Below a list of sites I use plus Promo codes.

I am getting subscribers from these sites: 1 from one site, 1 from another, so join as many as you can. It’s passive traffic to your squeeze page that lasts for months. 1 Solo, 10 banners and 10 text ads with promo code welcomevtt

Buildabiz Ad Exchange  5 banners and 5 text ads with Promo code welcome

WorldProfit’s Bitcoin Ad Exchange 5 banners and 5 text ads with promo code wpspecial 10 banners and 10 text ads with Promo code vcwelcome 1 solo, 5 banners and 5 text ads with Promo code welcome  5 banners and 5 text ads with Promo code welcome 10 banners and 10 text ads with Promo code welcome 10 banners and 10 text ads with Promo code welcome 5 banners and 5 text ads with Promo code welcome you get 5000 points upon joining, use it to purchase 5 banners Earn credits reading solo emails, add 1 banner Join, go to “bonus advertsing” and get plenty of free banners and text ads from several Greg Chadwick’s sites

I will be adding more sites to this list over time.

3).Other Promising Traffic Sources

These are the traffic sources, that have given me some subscribers (Expect TrafficAdbar), but for free members they are too time-consuming to earn credits.

Still for the future references, they are good to remember and start using/testing once as an upgraded member:

TrafficAdBar Here it does not make sense to earn credits clicking ads. Better is to upgrade and promote your website’s TAB cloaked link with cheap mass traffic to earn points, get your website to high Level Ladder and get auto-promotion by TAB this way. Good only if upgraded, you get a lot of credits, almost no need to click. Highest upgrade is very affordable

Mailourlist You can mail a lot as a paid member in this huge mailer, still you need to earn credits

Listavail Looks responsive mailer, but you can not open multiple mails earning credits. Very affordable OTO-s to buy higher upgrade where you need to click just few sites for credits

Out of the topic: 2 sites you can email every day for free and that have given me a subscriber, still these don’t have big traffic potential:


Marketingcheckpoint Earn 250 mailing credits for forum post

Not recommended: Took a $7 upgrade but no subscribers yet from 2300 visitors

Some Final Conclusions:

Internet marketers are very often facing time-problems, this is why you too may find the strategy described above useful.

It will help you save a lot of time, because 1) You take max out of the few traffic sources, that are already tested to work with 1K Team page and 2) You get some hands-free advertising that requires just initial effort of setting it up

Coming back to the beginning thought of this page:

Because my Top 5 sites give me about 2/3 of my total subscribers, then even using just those 5 sites, you can sponsor 3 Paid TrafficWave referrals very possibly in 15-20 days.

Traffic isn’t actually the problem there.

Your will and desire are what matter the most.