My 2 Top Converting Traffic Sites

Because I have been busy setting up my 1K Team system and trying/testing many traffic sources, I haven’t found time to add any posts to this blog, so this is finally the first one.

TrafficWave is not only an income opportunity but  an autoresponder service we can use to build a list. If you are active Team member, then obviously you are interested, which traffic sources are best for list building

Below I’ll give you a short report of traffic sources that have been best for me converting visitors into subscribers.

On the screenshot below:

  • Convert A means people who fill out the form on squeeze page and visit confirmation page
  • Convert B means people who confirm their subscription and are directed to subscription page (confirmed, double opt-in subscribers)

Please note: I added Convert B html code on my subscription page just on this Monday, so the data for Convert B below is only for 4 Days and 10 hours.

All other data represents last 7 days:

Some other sites have generated a lot of visits, but no conversions yet:

Though I need much more visitors and time to make any further conclusions, one thing is quite clear:

2 traffic sources seem to be winners converting visitors to subscribers:

Tezzermail has proven to give me subscribers, I have taken silver upgrade for $9.99.

I mail 2 times a day. My membership allows to mail 1 times a day, but I can purchase mailing time reset for 1000 credits and I can earn it easily clicking extra 34 emails.

LeadsLeap has been surprisingly good converter, hope it will continue, so I can start thinking about taking Pro upgrade. Now all my visits are from free credit ad.

Every time I have had some spare time, I have been browsing LeadsLeap’s ads for credits, just to get a clear picture of  the traffic quality there. First impression is very good.

I hope you got some useful information from this post: Just f.e. that we always do not need to use 20-30 different traffic sources to build a business, sometimes 2-3 very good ones are better that 10s of others.

Thank you for reading!

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