How to Sponsor 3 TrafficWave Members

Because TrafficWave has a 3X10 Matrix as a pay plan structure, then in order to fill the Matrix 10 levels deep and release all of it’s $88K/month earning potential, everyone has to sponsor on average 3 paid members. (Not taking into an account here the qualifications for earnings on certain membership levels).

So the question is:

How to sponsor 3 Paid TrafficWave members?

Is it easy or is it hard? Is it possible or impossible?

I can first talk about my own experience:

Since February 14th 2018, I have sponsored 6 Paid and 9 free members (some of them may upgrade later).

So it’s definitly possible and it hasn’t been too hard either. It has required some commitment: taking time to promote and test traffic sources, organizing my time, learning new things. Still nothing has been too complicated.

My biggest concern when  I joined and started promoting TrafficWave 1K Team was not traffic. Traffic is always there, there are no “secret traffic loopholes”, but just these traditional traffic generation methods me and you are using and this is public info for all marketers. I am sharing on this blog ALL of my traffic sources I use and how they are performing.

So if you are worried about getting traffic, there is a  good news for you: It’s not hard to get quality and well-converting traffic.

My concern was other: Will TrafficWave and 1K Team system work at all? Will people join TrafficWave or I will end up having 100 subscribers and zero TW members?

With other words: “What if I send traffic to my TW 1K Team squeeze page but end up having poor conversions?”

But I decided to try it out and got this impression soon:

TrafficWave 1K Team system does convert visitors into subcribers and subscribers into Paid TrafficWave members.”

Then I just kept sending traffic to my 1K Team squeeze page.

The 1K Team founder Ben’s idea is: To combine both collective and individual marketing, help those who need help getting started but have a further goal that everyone in Team will become a marketing Pro .

So with this post here I will foucus on that second part of Ben’s idea: How could you market so, that you could sponsor 3 PAID Trafficwave members?

If you have your 1K Team marketing system set up:

  • A squeeze page
  • A thank-you page (aka subscription page) provided by Margaret (or your own designed)
  • Email follow ups
  • Blog (optional, but recommended if you are serious about marketing)

.. then you can feel confident, that if you keep sending traffic to your 1K Team squeeze page, you will get conversions and people join Trafficwave with you.

How much Traffic you need to sponsor 3 Paid TW members?

Overall saying, you need just 50% of the traffic I generated to sponsor 6 members in less than 3 weeks, actually in 16 days.

Being more precise: you need even less traffic, because when I was testing traffic sources, a lot of traffic I sent to my 1K Team squeeze page was not a quality traffic that did not convert.

You need just few top converting traffic sources to get results, and not 80 or more traffic sources that I tried and tested in a short 3 weeks.

This is why you are welcme to check out and read the following page where I describe my traffic generation strategy that can help you save time and focus only on the most effective traffic sources that have given me subscribers:

Read my Traffic Generation Strategy here!


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