Detailed Report: My First 15 Days with TrafficWave

I started promoting TrafficWave 1K Team on February 14th, so it’s 15 days already.

With this post, my goal is to give you some guidance on marketing, especially on:

  • What traffic sources to use for promoting your squeeze page
  • How much traffic to generate

Why I focus on marketing in this post? Because my first and foremost goal is to finally build an email marketing business. TrafficWave and 1K Team are giving me all tools for this. I just have to take this chance. It’s a great Team and TrafficWave is high-converting business.

Ben Olszewsky is a great example for me, because he is a strong and skilled marketer and thanks to that, he can promote for others too. This is a goal to aim for me (and you) too, to learn marketing and aquire all necessary skills, to be able to achieve success and give something to others .

First my stats from Trafficwave:
  • Confirmed active subscribers: 66
  • Paid members: 4
  • Trial members: 5

It’s not bad at all because it’s been just 15 days. Still I feel that there is a lot to do, test and improve.

My main 2 principles genereating traffic are:

  • To use/test some established large traffic sites
  • Always join new fresh traffic sources that are sometimes very responsive
How much traffic my squeeze page has received?

(It shows 30 days, but in reality it’s data for 15 days, LeadsLeap’s tracker does not enable to choose custom time periods like 5 or 15 days, but just last 24 hours, last 7, 14 and 30 days.)

On average my squeeze page has received 800 visitors a day, out of these 500 a day are unique. It’s not too few but not too much, better is always more.

You could also try to reach about 500 visitors a day from quality and responsive traffic sources. It’s not a hard to achive goal.

What are my current best traffic sources to get subscribers?

All Traffic is not equal.

Below I have added screenshots of complete statistics for 15 days, but the best converting sites for me so far have been:

Tezzermail – I mail 2 times a day and have upgraded to Silver

LeadsLeap – Using for free now, but looks good deal to upgrade

Freeadvertisingforyou– Use the Promo codes on this splash page, earn Free Pro (takes about 4 days), go to section “$300+ in Free ads” and claim extra advertising. Purchase as many banners as you can with your points.

Banner/Text ad exchanges – banners seem to have good conversion rates. Add as many banners as you can all over the Internet 🙂 Some sites still don’t give your banners impressions, this is something to look after when doing banner advertising. These are sites that have already too many banners.

Some explanations about screenshot:

  • Convert B is double opt-in subscriber (who has confirmed subscription)
  • Convert B data represents only last 10 days, not the full 15 days like all other data. In the traffic table above Convert B count therefore is only 48 and not 66 what is my total subcriber’s count. (Those missing 18 confirmed subscribers are tracked as Convert A – single optin, not confirmed subscription)
  • The “tba” that has given 2 subscribers stands for State-of-the-art-mailer’s time bonus banner ad


As you can see, I have been trying out a lot of traffic sources and there and many sources that have given me just 1 subscriber. But 1 subscriber from 10 different sources is already 10 subscribers.

This is all free advertising, expect Tezzermail and State-of-the-art-mailer (SOTAM), where I am upgraded.

In SOTAM, I have sent out 2 mailings to 7500 that have given over 500 clicks but have not received confirmed subscribers yet from mailings, just 1 non-confirmed.

I have also upgraded in Europeansafelist for $7, but over 1000 visitors did not give any subscriber. Now I used my credits to add 30 banners there and checking out how banners are performing.

Upgrade in Europeansafelist gave me also a Contact solo ad for free, but I can send it out in about 7-10 days, let’s see, how it does.

Below are the sites where I have received quite a lot of traffic, but that have not given me any subscribers yet:

And finally, here below are the sites, that have give some non-confirmed subscribers.

(Please only note again: because I have been tracking confirmed subscriptions just for 10 days and the table is for 15 days, these sites may have given some confirmed subscribers, but I have not tracked them.)

Some conclusins too:

1.Tracking is very important. This is the first time to me, to track opt-ins, but it is very easy to set up using LeadsLeaps RealTracker.

Tracking helps you save time and improve results, focusing on best converting sites.

2.I am obviously using too many traffic sources. Though it’s necessary and interesting to try out many traffic sources, it makes sense to sort out about 15 best performing sites and upgrade in some of them.

Also an idea is to try out solo ad advertising. There are many solo ad networks, but they require a lot of testing too.

3.TrafficWave is a well-converting business. It’s hard to find a high-converting affiliate offer, but TrafficWave is different.

Many online marketers are already familiar with TrafficWave, it’s a warm market.

Use this chance, it’s a good business to run and a good Team. Take patience and time to learn new things, think and build long-term.

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