About Me & Contact

Hello, my name is Laur and I thank you for your interest in my online business.

If you have any questions regarding Trafficwave 1K Team or internet marketing, feel free to contact me at:


I do not consider myself as a marketing expert, but maybe I can be useful for you with this recommendation:

Whatever business you have, one must have thing is your own website/blog.

Creating your blog is not expensive, but it will help you earn more money and it gives you more freedom to promote different links all in one place.

Even if you join 1K Team, do not just rely on Team, but build your own business – one part of it is your own website.

I hope to add some posts about setting up your own website on my blog too, but if you want to test waters with building your own website, then a great WordPress website building platform is Site Rubix by Wealthy Affiliate University. It comes along with website building training Lessons and it is all free.

This is where I have got a lot of website building knowledge and it does not cost anything, I am still a free member there.

You can try it out here: